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I wish eveyone a very delightful easter!

Thank you, I hope yours
becomes lively and zesty in return!

 this sunday is a major holiday, known to most as easter. while egg hunts and easter baskets are very common, let’s not forget why we celebrate. jesus died so that we could live without sin. thank you.


The best part of homestuck imo is the fact these 13 year old kids just find this alien race and they only question it for like. 2 seconds. Most people would have an existential crisis but rose is just like “I’m gonna fuck that”


I went to public school.

my first ever rooster teeth vid!!

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matryoshka dirkjakes




I’ve hit 15k ages ago and I kept forgetting to do a giveaway! So finally, here it is.

And before we start, yeah son, everything is handmade by me!



• God tier rings x9: Light, Hope, Heart, Doom, Time, Breath, Rage, Void, Life.
• God tier necklaces x3: Space, Rage, Time.
• Troll rings x6: Feferi, Gamzee, Equius, Terezi, Tavros, Karkat.
• Troll cuff link pairs x3: Tavros, Kanaya, Equius.


• Rings x3
• Necklace x1
• Earrings x1 pair
…all as shown above!

Adventure Time:

• Rings x5: Finn, Marceline, Jake, BMO, PB
• Earrings x5 pairs: Finn, Marceline, Jake, BMO, PB


• Pokeball ring, necklace and pair of earrings


• Mass Effect necklaces x2 as shown above
• Doctor Who ring and necklace as shown above

Okay you don’t actually have to read all that. You literally get everything that’s in the pictures.

♥ ♥ ♥


Follow me! Sorry son but that’s quite a few things for free.
• You can also follow my personal for shits and giggles but that’s not a requirement.
• Be okay with giving me your address. I will ship everywhere, even to other galaxies!
• No giveaway blogs. Personal/side blogs are fine as long as they are active!
• Be okay with me announcing you as the winner. ( <—a few links to previous announcements)
Both likes and reblogs count! Pls don’t spam your followers though I mean come on.
• Leave this text here or else I will eat u.
• Have your askbox open. If I don’t manage to get in touch with you withing 3 days, I will pick someone else!


How long are the necklaces?
Chains are 48cm long.

I am not in X fandom, can I change my prize?
That is a definite NO, sorry! I’m giving away what I already have, I don’t plan to make new things. All prizes are final.

Reason for selected HS aspects/trolls?
No reason realy. This is what I have left, that’s all.

♥ ♥ ♥

Deadline: May 20th! Good luck ♥

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ek's 420 giveaway

so i’ve finally hit a pretty big milestone, and i’ve decided to do a giveaway to celebrate! i have a lot of stuff i don’t use anymore and a metric ton of candy that i keep in a jar so i figure it’s better to give them to someone who could put them to better use than i.

one randomly drawn winner will receive the following!

what you could win
  • a custom pixel from me (examples above, also in art tag)
  • assorted kasugai gummies, individually wrapped (apple, grape, lychee, mangosteen, orange, peach, pineapple)
  • kirby squeak squad
  • new super mario bros
  • new super mario bros 2 (3ds)
  • pocky (chocolate, two boxes; 9 packs per box)
  • pocky (strawberry, one box; 9 packs per box)
  • pokemon black
  • pokemon diamond
  • pokemon heartgold
  • pokemon mystery dungeon: blue rescue team
  • pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of time
  • pokemon mystery dungeon case: red rescue team
  • pokemon ranger: shadows of almia
  • pokemon pearl
  • pokemon trozei
  • pokemon x (3ds)
  • giveaway ends on 5/30/2014.
  • must be following me (sorry, shipping costs a lot!)
  • must be comfortable with giving me your address
  • likes count so long as you reblog it.
  • please have your askbox open!
  • please reblog no more than 5 times!
  • all games will be wiped of their save files when sent!
  • i am willing to make pixels of pretty much anything, including ocs.
  • i’ll cover shipping fees, including internationally.
  • the winner will be chosen via a randomizer and announced after the giveaway ends!
  • if you have any questions feel free to ask me, i don’t bite!


a support group for people who started saying YAAAAAAS ironically and now can’t stop

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y’all in the past, this is the future


y’all in the past, this is the future

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what a beautiful day